What is CESA Purchasing?

CESA Purchasing is a statewide Wisconsin cooperative of CESA 2 that works with local and national vendors to provide contracts to K-12 schools, libraries, technical colleges, universities,  municipalities, and other non-profit educational entities.  By combining purchasing power, schools and organizations can obtain substantial volume discounts on technology hardware, roofing and flooring, office supplies, and more. CESA Purchasing makes it easy for you to take advantage of discounts and deals already negotiated by CESA 2.

Most of our contracts are offered at no cost, with regional and state-wide contracts available.
  • Our national vending process is in partnership with AEPA, a nationwide group of educational organizations that work together to save you time and money. 
  • Our local vending process provides easy access to Wisconsin and Midwest based businesses. 
Our Nutrition Cooperative Program enables schools to collaborate, saving money and time.  CESA 2 does the procurement, freeing up your valuable resources. Nutrition Directors also receive support services and training. 

To learn more about what CESA Purchasing has to offer, please review our current national and local vendor page. Once you create a user account, you can also search products and pricing according to category, like Administrative or Facilities, or according to product.  

All Wisconsin K-12 school districts and education entities are automatically members. To get started, create a user account on-line at our Smart Shop and start saving today. Be sure to ask for the CESA Purchasing discount price when purchasing with our vendor partners. 

CESA Purchasing is a statewide program of CESA 2 located at the Innovation Center - Whitewater University Technology Park in Whitewater, WI. CESA Purchasing is the statewide contract holder for AEPA, the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies.