CESA Purchasing is a statewide program of CESA 2 with support from a statewide advisory committee comprised of four CESA
administrators and the commissioner of the CESA Statewide Network.

History of CESAs in Wisconsin

In 1963, the Wisconsin legislature replaced the century-long system of county superintendents with 19 regional cooperative education service agencies, or CESAs. Reorganized into 12 agencies in 1984, Wisconsin CESAs continue to serve the state’s 424 districts by providing up-to-date information and expertise on national, state, and local educational issues and best practices. 

Governed by Wisconsin Statute Chapter 116, CESAs “provide leadership, coordination, and education services to school districts, University of Wisconsin System institutions, and technical colleges.” They connect and support educators with professional development, specialized educational professionals, and valuable programs, such as CESA Purchasing.

CESA Purchasing

When the CESA Statewide Network (CSN) re-organized in 2011, the network named CESA Purchasing as a free, cooperative purchasing program serving the entire state. Two years later, CSN worked with CESA Purchasing to create an Advisory Committee made up of 4 CESA Administrators who review Wisconsin-only agreements and provide other guidance and support. CESA Purchasing staff reports annually to the CSN after each fiscal year, as a portion of their fees (after overhead) are submitted to the CSN to support statewide educational efforts.

Advisory Committee Members

Gary Albrecht, CSN Commissioner

Dan Hanrahan, CESA 2 Agency Administrator


Jeffrey Dickert, CESA 7 Agency Administrator


Jerome Walters, CESA 11 Agency Administrator



National Affiliation

CESA Purchasing is a member of the non-profit Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA), a national non-profit organization of 26 educational services agencies. A true “cooperative”, AEPA leverages their multi-state purchasing power to benefit all schools and agencies, regardless of size.

All AEPA member state agencies meet twice a year to review and approve bids. Once approved, each member agency selects the bids that best represent the needs of their respective state. Bi-annual meetings also provide time to review policies, choose product categories to solicit, and select task groups and committee members. CESA Purchasing staff members sit on bid committees at AEPA.

CESA 2 and CESA Purchasing

CESA Purchasing is a statewide program of CESA 2. Although CESA Purchasing serves districts in all 12 CESAs throughout the state, the staff, therefore, are governed by and follow CESA 2 agency policy and procedures and managed by agency administrator Dan Hanrahan and the CESA 2 Board of Control. Staff also report to the CESA 2 leadership team, agency administrator, and the CESA 2 Board of Control. 

The eleven members of the CESA 2 Board of Control are school board members in their respective districts, representing the geographic clusters of CESA 2. This Board sets policy, approves spending, appoints the agency administrator, and approves contracts with and receives funds from local school districts.

Current Board of Control members:

Nancy Thompson, Chairperson


Jaye Tritz, Vice Chairperson

Genoa City Jt. #2

Tom Bush, Treasurer


Jim Bousman

Burlington Area

Ron Buchanan


Michelle Dunn

Mount Horeb

Beverly Fergus


Barb Fischer

Elkhorn Area

Evelyn Propp


Marian Viney


Jim Wahl