Your free membership with CESA Purchasing will reap multiple benefits for you, your teachers, and your students.

Saving Time

By purchasing from our approved vendors, much of the heavy lifting has been done for you.  We’ve done all the negotiating with over 70 vendors, working through the long and complicated bid process to bring you the best pricing. And every bid is completed through the national AEPA process and reviewed by CESA administrators and educators.

Comparison Shopping

Through our shopping tools, you can search multiple vendors at once, rather than spending valuable time on the phone or surfing the web (or a stack of catalogs!) looking for the right product or service. Compare products and pricing to help you maximize your use of funds.

Professional Development

Need help training your faculty and staff after making your investment? CESA Purchasing can work with vendors to bring you free or discounted professional development with quality presenters and relevant training.


Cost Savings

Of course, one of the benefits of letting CESA Purchasing do this work for you is to save a significant amount of money on the purchases that you would already make.

Depending on the vendor and the product, schools can expect to save anywhere from 10% to-80% on their purchase through CESA Purchasing.