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CESA Nutrition has posted the following RFP:  NONE AT THIS TIME


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If you are a member of the CESA Nutrition Program, you can access additional resources and training information. 

CESA Nutrition Program

Apply to Join the Cooperative

Membership in CESA School Nutrition

RFP's include:

  • Prime Vendor (Cooperative Members only)
  • USDA Foods (Cooperative Members only)
  • Milk
  • Bread
  • Produce
  • Disposables, small wares and kitchen equipment

Annual Membership Fee:  $450

A la carte program:  

    Participation in non-Prime Vendor Cooperative RFP's: 
       Small district:       $150
       Medium District:  $225
       Large District:      $300

Prime Vendor Co-op Membership benefits include:

  • Monthly networking meetings with peers that include training
  • Discounted pricing through the RFP process
  • Required documentation provided for your Administrative Review and procurement manual

Membership applications accepted through October 31 for the following year's Prime Vendor Cooperative membership.   Access membership application here.

For more information, contact Jane Wray, Purchasing Administrator:  262-473-1470 or