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CESA Nutrition Buying Programs

Prime Vendor (required)

This agreement requires member districts to purchase 80% of groceries (excluding bread, dairy and produce) from the prime vendor. The prime vendor agreement provides schools with contract prices on food, meat and small kitchen equipment, staff development training, new product testing, internet ordering, and professional assistance in menu planning. The Prime Vendor for the current school-year is Gordon Food Service (GFS).  

This agreement also provides for the commercial delivery of USDA Foods.  The USDA Brown Box Program includes products that are received in the same form in which it was ordered from USDA. For example, frozen corn, canned peaches, diced chicken and turkey ham are processed at the USDA level and they are ordered and shipped to State agencies from USDA in this form. These are all "brown-box" USDA Foods.

USDA Foods Processing (optional)

Direct diversion processing of donated foods allows State distributing agencies and eligible recipient agencies such as school districts to contract with commercial food processors to convert raw bulk USDA foods into more convenient, ready-to-use end products.

Milk Delivery (optional)

Bread Delivery (optional)

Produce Delivery (optional) 

RFPs for additional products provide schools with options outside the Prime Vendor agreement while adhering to proper procurement procedures.

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CESA Purchasing is a cooperative that works with local and national vendors to provide contracts to K12 schools, technical colleges, universities and municipalities. By combining purchasing power, schools and organizations can obtain substantial volume discounts on technology, office supplies, school supplies, facilities, and more.

CESA Purchasing makes it easy for you to take advantage of discounts and deals already negotiated by CESA.

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