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Turn-Key Education Broadband 


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Jane Wray 

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Ensure students succeed by providing more than just internet outside the classroom with the Kajeet SmartSpot, a filtered Wi-Fi hotspot, or the Kajeet SmartBus, a safe broadband solution on the bus.  


The Kajeet Complete Education Broadband plan is a turn-key program designed to fully support your technology initiatives.  We manage the data and device controls, default K-12 and CIPA-compliant filtering, reporting, and provide technical support.  Simple for students and less work for educators.

Kajeet Custom is the perfect wireless data plan for school districts with IT staff that want maximum flexibility and the ability to customize their program, additionally programs requiring higher data usage.  Kajeet Custom allows for personalization of data and device controls, K-12 and CIPA-compliant filtering, reporting, and time-of-day access, as well as a unique, shared pooled data plan.

With the Kajeet SmartBus districts can turn travel time into instructional time.  Katjeet extends the classroom and helps improve student behavior, and overall safety, by providing more than just internet on the school bus. 

Our innovative Kajeet Sentinel cloud portal analyzes and categorizes millions of new URLs every day and can provide customizable filtered internet access to keep students focus on homework.

How to buy:

To place an order from Kajeet, visit www.kajeet.net. Be sure to select "CESA" as your AESA Contract Vehicle.  To learn more visit the How to Purchase page. If you have any questions, email cesa-purchasing@kajeet.com or contact Jane Wray:

Jane Wray

Contract Information:

CESA Purchasing contract # 16.15 - EDB - WICESA.  There is an exclusive email cesa-purchasing@kajeet.com that ensures Kajeet uses the CESA Purchasing contract pricing.