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AEPA Contract IFB #012


Steve Coleman

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The ProGrass CESA Purchasing/AEPA contract number is: 

IFB #012 - Synthetic Turf


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Steve Coleman

P: (813) 777-7677



Over the past five years, synthetic playing fields have become the trend as the synthetic surface market has exploded. To meet that growing need, ProGrass has developed ProGrass XtremeTurf FB, ProGrass XtremeTurf DX60, ProGrass XtremeTurf BDX, ProGrass XtremeTurf BDX60 and ProGrass XtremeTurf HR. Five products that are available for installation across the United States.

All five ProGrass products can be installed as either an all rubber or sand and rubber system depending upon the user's preference and purpose. Please contact us so we may find the best system for your needs.


AstroTurf (ProGrass)

The Best Artificial Turf

Getting the best artificial turf for your field depends upon both the product and the partner you choose. That's why architects, athletic directors and players alike choose the ProGrass Performance System, the only synthetic turf system in the world with: ISO 9001 quality certification, the world standard for quality; full turnkey service where turf preparation, installation and maintenance are all done with our own certified staff; and the same private ownership from the start, insuring management and service continuity.  

No turf lasts longer, plays better and safer and maintains its appearance like a ProGrass Field. That's because no other synthetic turf system has our unique "5-P" Performance System including the industry's leading product, people, preparation, professional installation and proactive Certified Rhino Maintenance Program.

The ProGrass CESA Purchasing AEPA contract number is: IFB #012 - Synthetic Turf