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BrightBytes Turns Big Data into Big Benefits for Students

BrightBytes, the leading end-to-end data management solution for education organizations, provides educators with the power to turn big data into big benefits for students. With the data integration platform, DataSense™, BrightBytes enables educators to cleanse, integrate, and bi-directionally manage complex data from multiple systems. The decision support platform, Clarity®, then analyzes and organizes meaningful data across research-based frameworks to deliver visualized, actionable information that drives student learning.

Data Integration Solutions:

  • Integration

  • Cleansing

  • Storage

  • Provisioning



BrightBytes is the leading end-to-end data solution that provides education organizations with comprehensive data management, from integration to analysis.

DataSense IPaaS Solution-The DataSense integration platform provides an easy way for school systems to unify and utilize all purposeful data among software applications.

With ever growing access and availability to data, it can be challenging to effectively integrate, store, and manage data easily. DataSense provides education organizations with one central, online platform to unify all data. With DataSense, education organizations can achieve data interoperability in days instead of months.

DataSense quickly adapts to any existing applications, accelerating deployment, adoption, and return on technology investments. The DataSense integration platform (IPaaS)  connects disparate data across multiple academic systems and facilitates the interchange of data quickly and easily.

The platform’s data warehouse, the Education Data Store (EDS), combines all data elements into one data stream that allow bi-directional data flows. The platform can also serve as a central repository for all state-required data, with connectors built based on state guidelines. As a result, your state reporting data can connect directly to the State Department of Education.

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