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Michael Sarmiento

Account Executive

P: (877) 451-7845 Ext. 509

Intelligent Adaptive Learning™

Every student can become a proficient, mathematical thinker with the right learning environment. DreamBox Learning's unique intelligent adaptive learning technology goes beyond engagement… More


DreamBox Learning Math lessons have alignments and reporting to show progress against CCSS, TEKS, SOL, WNCP and Ontario Curriculum, providing the foundational learning that is so essential…More

Progress Reports

DreamBox provides educators with a robust set of current academic progress reports that give teachers and administrators insight into how students are progressing… More

With DreamBox, every child can think like a mathematician!

Adaptive. Rigorous. Engaging: The DreamBox Difference.

DreamBox Learning Math empowers students to master key concepts, increase achievement, accelerate student learning, and boost long-lasting confidence in math. With DreamBox Learning, all kids—even struggling learners—can become mathematicians.

DreamBox Learning Math engages students with an adaptive online curriculum that meets them where they are. In addition, DreamBox gives educators current reports that give them the insight into student learning and progress.

Standards Alignment

DreamBox Learning math curriculum have alignments and reporting to show progress against CCSS, TEKS, SOL, WNCP and Ontario Curriculum. In addition, DreamBox provides current, insightful reports for both teachers and administrators that let them focus instruction and resources.


Math Intervention

DreamBox has made a proven difference for kids of all abilities and levels. Because of DreamBox’s unique ability to effectively identify and address learning gaps, many schools use DreamBox Learning as a research-based math intervention program for all 3 Tiers  of Response to Intervention. And, by using a model that’s less language-based and more hands-on, DreamBox also helps ELL students achieve math proficiency.

DreamBox Learning

DreamBox Learning

Online Programs for in-school learning

DreamBox Learning is an adaptive, personalized online elementary math program that raises student performance and confidence. DreamBox combines engaging, adaptive lessons and blended learning with the current reporting educators need to individualize instruction.The resources to use in your curriculum and get your school ontrack with Common Core State standards.

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