PALS FAQs - For Districts who have already purchased

1. Do we use the Wisconsin site we're used to? 
The URL for the site is now www.palsk8.com.  It has the same look but not a WI specific page.

2.Do we now upload our own lists? 
 Yes, you did a student data upload last year as well.  Directions can be found in your online account.

3.Our data specialist is wondering how to access historical information as well.
 As soon as your accounts are reactivated for this year your data people can log in and download data from past years on the History-Data tab.

4.  I am wondering if PALs will recognize we have purchased licenses and we will be able to log in now? 
 As soon as we have processed your order you will get an email with further directions for getting started for the current school year. 

5. When are my FREE regional CESA professional development trainings that were provided with my purchase through CESA Purchasing?
Each CESA has their PALS training listed on their website. You can also find the dates here. Please contact your local CESA for additional details. 

6. Do we still have access to CASENEX for our training?
Yes, you still have access to pd.casenex.com to view the training tutorials.  However, each user must create a new account using the registration code supplied in your welcome back email from PALS.  This was sent to the PALS District Rep.  You also have an option of attending a face to face training at your regional CESA at no additional charge.  Please contact them or view the calendar at their site to see when the training will be offered. A third option can be found right in your PALS Online account.  Please click on the materials tab and you will see that we have included all of the tutorials for training right on the site. 

PALS FAQs - For Districts who have not yet purchased and general questions

1.   How will this benefit my district?

Districts won’t have to go back to the drawing board and make new decisions. It will be easy to carry on using the PALS Early Literacy instrument by signing up through CESA Purchasing. Ease of ordering, added PD and data analytics components are just a few of the benefits.

2.  What is the difference between signing up with CESA Purchasing vs. PALS?

When renewing your PALS agreement through CESA Purchasing you will be offered the use of our Baseline Edge product and access to PALS training through CESA - both for no additional cost.  Baseline Edge is a data analytics tool with a virtual data wall. You will have access to PALS data and your student information data with this tool.  In addition, you will be invited to PALS Professional Development sessions at your local CESA location. These sessions will range from How to Administer and Score PALS to How to Use PALS Data and other PALS related topics.  

3.  What does the Premier Package contain through the CESA Purchasing contract?

o   Face to face PALS training at your CESA - to include Administration and Scoring, How to Use PALS Data, Concept of Word, Monitoring Student Progress, Baseline Edge, and more

o   Baseline Edge:  A data analytics tool that includes a virtual data wall that will contain PALS data and your student information data

o   Self-paced Courses:  Unlimited use of the entire PALS library of PD courses found at pd.casenex.com

o   Monthly topical webinars: Unlimited participation in monthly, 60 minute, webinars relating to PALS and Literacy

o   In-depth Training Course:  Interactive online training for Administration and Scoring.  This is in addition to the face-to-face offering!

o   Direct support from PALS Literacy Specialists:  Phone or email support with Literacy Specialist to maximize use of PALS data analysis and reporting

o   Data Analytics support:  In-depth look at your PALS data with literacy specialists via phone or email

o   Telephone support:  Basic technical support questions to be answered by the PALS Customer Success team  

o   All PALS Online accounts for teachers and administrators

o   All reading resources that are housed in the online account:  Electronic Lesson Plans, Progress Monitoring Tools, reading resources

o   Replacement assessment materials up to 15% of your original purchase

·        PALS teacher sets (the non-consumable parts) typically hold up for 3-5 years. Replacement orders should be for teacher sets that have been misplaced or are damaged beyond use. Consumable sets can be replaced as well. Typically, one consumable set per classroom is appropriate. PALS materials will be available for download in the online system by August 1. Districts that prefer to avoid shipping costs by printing their own materials are permitted to do so. Districts who solely use the online system, will only need to replace lost or damaged teacher sets and will not need to order replacement consumable sets.

4.  When will my materials arrive?

Materials will arrive in early August or sooner. PALS materials may arrive in multiple shipments.

5.  What is Baseline Edge?

Baseline Edge is the most compelling learning analytics and personalized planning solution on the market. The easy to use platform allows everyone from teachers to administrators to visually analyze disparate data and identify students needing intervention. After predicting students needing support, quickly create, assign, manage, and monitor interventions using your PALS data and your student information data.

6. How does Baseline Edge differ from WISEdash for Districts?

Both tools allow an analytical view of data. Baseline Edge differs in that it is integrated directly with the PALS Online System and updated regularly for much faster accessibility to your PALS data. With WISEdash, it takes several weeks after the close of the assessment window to integrate the data.  

7.  How do I integrate Baseline Edge with our district’s SIS program?

Districts will receive a protocol for setting up Baseline Edge with your SIS program upon receipt of their PALS order. This protocol is fairly self-explanatory and has been utilized for most of the major student information system programs.

8.  What professional development will be offered through the CESAs?

·        PALS Administration and Scoring

·        How to Use PALS Data at 4K, K and First/Second Grades

·        Progress Monitoring with PALS

·        How to Use PALS Electronic Lesson Plans

·        Concept of Word Instructional Framework

·        Baseline Edge

·        Other offerings TBD-topics under consideration

o   Word Study

o   Phonological Awareness

o   Oral Language

o   Comprehension

9.  What is the state reimbursement process?

·        Districts will order PALS through CESA Purchasing from April 4 through June 15 2016.

·        CESA Purchasing will invoice districts beginning  in July.  Districts will pay CESA Purchasing directly.

·        Per DPI’s announcement for the literacy screeners, districts will receive reimbursement through DPI during the 2016/2017 school year (for specific reimbursement questions/dates please refer to DPI).

10.  Will the state reimburse all of my costs?

The DPI Office of Assessment has indicated:

"The proposal to the state legislature for a per pupil reimbursement of an early literacy screener was based on an amount higher than $7.25.  If all district requests for reimbursement are at or below X$/student ($8-$9), districts will be fully reimbursed. If many districts are higher than that amount, it could result in all districts receiving a prorated reimbursement. "

11.  I already requested a quote for my district through PALS.  How do I change to a CESA Purchasing Premier Package contract?

Contact Mercedes Cordero or Nancy Walsh-Boeder first to let them know you want to take advantage of the CESA Purchasing  offer with value-added CESA Professional Development and Baseline Edge. Be sure to let Mercedes and/or Nancy know, so you do not end up getting charged twice. Then visit the CESA Purchasing site and follow their steps for ordering.

12.  I have already signed a quote for my district through PALS.  How do I change to a CESA Purchasing contract?

Contact Mercedes Cordero or Nancy Walsh-Boeder first to let them know you want to take advantage of the CNS offer. Be sure to let Mercedes and/or Nancy know, so you do not end up getting charged twice. Then visit the CESA Purchasing site and follow their steps for ordering.

13.  When is my order due to CESA Purchasing?

Orders can be sent to CESA Purchasing as early as April 4, 2016 and no later than  June 15, 2016. You will need a P.O. number to process the on-line order. You can also upload the P.O. during the order process. P.O. should be addressed to: CESA Purchasing c/o CESA 2, Attn: Business Office, 1221 Innovation Drive, Whitewater, WI 53190. 

14.  What happens if I have enrollment fluctuations and need to use more or fewer seats than what I originally purchased?

We understand that all districts will be giving us approximate numbers for next year and you will have students coming and going throughout the year. There very well will be times when you are using more or less than the number of seats you requested.  You can use more or fewer than your prediction without having to pay or get refunded every time your enrollment changes.  At the end of the year, we’ll look back at your usage and if you were consistently under the requested seats we will adjust your numbers for the next school year.  The same would be true if you were consistently over the requested seats we would recommend more seats for the following year.   We are not going to be preparing invoices for new students nor giving credits for students that leave.  You will be allowed to add new students without contacting us.

15.  Will materials be shipped to my district or do I have to pick them up at CESA?

If you need to order PALS assessment kits or consumables they will be shipped directly to your school district.  Shipping charges will be applied, and estimates are below. Final charges will be dependent upon the quantity of materials ordered.

o   < 100 students per delivery address:  $.25 per student

o   100 - 500 students per delivery address:  $.15 per student

o   > 500 students per delivery address:  $.12 per student

16.  Do we pay PALS or CESA Purchasing?

You will be invoiced by CESA Purchasing and you will pay them directly.

17.  When will we be invoiced?

CESA Purchasing will send invoices to districts in July. Districts must remit payment to CESA Purchasing Statewide Program net 45 days of invoice, roughly by the end of August 2016.

18.  Who do I call or email when I have questions about the purchasing or billing process?

Please contact CESA Purchasing via email or phone if you have questions regarding the purchasing process. Via phone, please contact Patty Ceranske at our front desk and she’ll be happy to answer your questions or direct you to someone who can assist you 1.262.473.1473. Via email, contact cynthia.holt@cesapurchasing.org.

19.  Who do I call or email when I need help with administering PALS?

Please contact the PALS support team at support@palshelp.com or 866-817-0726 ext. 6

20.  Who do I call when I need help with Baseline Edge?

Please contact PALS representatives for questions on how to utilize Baseline Edge.  Please contact support@longleafsolutions.com or 678-769-4985 with questions about Baseline Edge. For additional assistance, please contact your local CESA.

21.  Why was this partnership formed?

The CESA Statewide Network (CSN) and CESA Purchasing, along with PALS, had interest in forming a partnership to give Wisconsin districts an opportunity to continue getting the same assessment and service they have become accustomed to for the past 3+ years.  Being able to bring added value to the premier package offers districts (who sign up through CSN’s statewide purchasing program, CESA Purchasing) an opportunity to use a new data analytics product and receive PD from their local CESA.

22. Can I order PALS for grades 3 and up from CESA Purchasing?

Yes. PALS Premier will only be reimbursed for grades 4K-2, but you can still order PALS for grades 3 and up through CESA Purchasing. The PALS Premier for grades 3 and up will still include access to all PALS online PD and support. It will only exclude the CESA PD events.

23. Can I order PALS español through CESA purchasing?

Yes. PALS Premier will only be reimbursed for grades 4K-2, but you can still order PALS español through CESA Purchasing. The PALS Premier for PALS español will still include access to all PALS online PD and support. It will only exclude the CESA PD events. 

Why Stay With PALS?

Wisconsin teachers use PALS to identify students at risk of developing reading difficulties, diagnose students’ knowledge of literacy fundamentals, monitor progress, and plan instruction that targets students’ needs. Student data collected from PALS provides a direct means of matching literacy instruction to specific literacy needs.
This special PALS contract, with value-added resources and professional development, is offered to you in partnership with CESA Purchasing and the CESA Statewide Network (CSN).