Baseline Edge

In addition to the components in PALS Premier, districts will also receive Baseline Edge, a data analytics tool. Districts will be able to view their PALS and Student Information data via a virtual data wall, will no longer have to wait for the data to be uploaded into any other system, and will have the ability to manipulate data to determine instructional plans for students.

Features Include:

  • Learning analytics using sorting, filtering, and grouping
  • Visually analyze disparate data and identify students needing intervention
  • Immediate access to PALS data
  • Detailed student profiles with PALS data and interventions in one place
  • Group students and quickly assign intervention plans


Professional Development

Another value added component will be PALS professional development sessions offered at CESA locations around the state.  Districts who choose PALS Premier through CESA Purchasing will be invited to these PALS PD sessions free of charge.  These sessions, offered throughout the school year, will be timely and valuable for teachers interested in using literacy data to improve student outcomes.  

CESA/PALS Professional Development Schedule 


August - November

  • Administration and Scoring

  • Using PALS Data to Drive Instruction

  • Baseline Edge

  • Monthly Topical Webinars

January - March

  • Concept of Word

  • Monitoring Student Progress with Quick Checks

  • Electronic Lesson Plans

  • Baseline Edge

  • Monthly Topical Webinars

April - May

  • Final topic will be based on new courses announced by PALS!

  • Baseline Edge

  • Monthly Topical Webinars

Check with your CESA for details regarding dates and registration. 

"I feel there is more that I can learn and prepare from PALS. With PALS no longer being a state required assessment in our state, I am hoping there will still be opportunities for professional growth."