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Facility & Maintenance Management Solutions

Your top priority is to maintain a safe and healthy campus. Our top priority is to provide you with tools that streamline daily maintenance efficiency and increase the long-term vitality of your facilities.

SchoolDude Advantages:

• Affordable work order management tools
• Integrated preventive maintenance scheduling
• Comprehensive analysis and reporting
• Visibility into long-term capital forecasting
• Mobile communication tools and notifications
• Facility & Maintenance Products

MaintenanceDirect: Automate the request, approval and assignment process with online work order management. 

PMDirect: Preventive maintenance scheduling that makes it easy to create, assign and manage recurring maintenance tasks.

InventoryDirect: Improve the inventory tracking process and enhance maintenance, clerical and custodial supply management.

PlanningDirect: Capital planning made simple. Provides a dynamic view of long-term needs and helps justify budget requests.

Critical Alarm Automation: Integrate with your BAS to alert maintenance staff of problems and assign work orders.


Education Facilities & Maintenance Management Solutions

SchoolDude offers solutions to streamline all areas of your operations – maintenance management, energy management, facility usage, safety and technology management. SchoolDude’s products automate the work order process, monitor inventory usage, schedule preventive maintenance, simplify facility usage scheduling, mobilize safety plans and track technology assets. Many of our solutions integrate to provide a global-view of your organization’s operations and improve communication with all departments, faculty and students at your educational institution.