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Pricing, licensing, protocols (INCLUDING ONLY 3X/WEEK) and device availability (INCLUDING IPAD!) have all been updated to make the program even more affordable and user friendly for educators!  Plus, promotional packages and additional CESA statewide purchasing discounts make immediate implementation super easy! 

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Additional 5% CESA purchasing discount available

CESA Purchasing Promotional Packages

$5,000  (value of $6,570)

Fast ForWord – 20 per student licenses

Progress Monitoring Service

 or add only $1,250 for a 2-hour web based training AND 20 Reading Assistant licenses

$12,050 (value of $14,200)

Fast ForWord – 40 per student licenses

Onsite Training Day

Progress Monitoring Service

 or add only $1,400 for 40 Reading Assistant licenses


$19,100 (value of $22,500)

Fast ForWord – Site license

One Onsite training day

Progress Monitoring Service

or add only $3,400 for an additional onsite training day AND a site license of Reading Assistant


Real kids.  Real research.  Real results. 

  Fast ForWord on the iPad

Fast ForWord stands alone in its research foundation and results. More than 250 research studies prove that Fast ForWord can build the foundational language and cognitive skills that so many struggling learners and English Language Learners need to succeed. After Fast ForWord, learners can improve their language and reading by up to two grade levels in as little as three months, simultaneously boosting performance across all areas of study. And research has shown that these gains endure over time.

The LANGUAGE and LITERACY programs build foundational reading and language skills to help districts move special needs learners to successful learners in the general classroom.

LANGUAGE Series (Elementary)

LITERACY Series (Middle/High School)

The READING programs increase processing efficiency and build critical reading skills in schools so districts get the most from their existing instructional approach.

READING Series (PK-12)


Every reader deserves a listener. 


(just click download)

Every educator knows that students benefit from extra reading practice, especially when it is combined with immediate feedback and support from a teacher. With Reading Assistant students receive individualized reading coaching every time they use the software, making the most of each instructional minute.


The online Reading Assistant program delivers:

Help when students need it: Patented technology provides real-time corrective feedback via speech recognition, enabling students to self-correct as they are reading aloud

Time savings for teachers: Automatic calculation of words correct per minute (WCPM) and immediate access to comprehension and vocabulary reports make tracking students’ progress effortless

Increased student engagement: Reading selections for a variety of interests and reading levels, plus frequent comprehension checks, keep students motivated and focused on reading for meaning

Anytime, anywhere access: The Reading Assistant program on the MySciLEARNTMplatform makes the software easy to implement for school or home use

Scientific Learning

Learning Acceleration Software for Academic Performance

Scientific Learning delivers online learning acceleration programs that enable students to make dramatic, enduring gains in academic performance. Our unique approach combines the science of learning with proprietary, adaptive technologies in a variety of learning environments. More than 250 research studies from thousands of schools over 15 years demonstrate the effectiveness of our programs for students at a range of performance levels—from below basic to advanced, and across multiple subject areas.

Fast ForWord is a language and literacy intervention thatuses the principles of neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to rewire and improve - to target the root cause of slow academic progress in struggling students and English language learners. 

Reading Assistant is the only online reading tool that uses speech recognition to correct and support students as they read aloud, helping them build fluency and comprehension with the help of a supportive listener. No other program or e-book provides comparable real-time guidance and feedback.

Both programs are available on a per student or a per site basis, with various implementation protocols and excellent training and support.