Spring Math

Math Assessment 

$6.50 per student

Cheryl Hanson

Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden 

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Spring Math

Spring Math is designed to improve math achievement by doing 3 things:

1. Apply research-based decision rules to identify specific skill deficits for students found to be at-risk during universal screening

2. Select an intervention that is aligned with the students' math skills

3. Reduce intervention implementation error by providing all intervention materials and assessments needed to run the intervention

How it works

Teacher administer brief universal screening assessments to their students as a group. Assessments take only a few minutes each. 

Based upon the results of the screening assessments, Spring Math produces summary reports and recommends either class-wide or individual interventions for any student who may be struggling. 


How to buy

Contact Ceil Howe at ceil.howe@ties.k12.mn.us. Make sure to mention CESA Purchasing. Also provide your name, email, phone number, school district, and the number of students you're purchasing for.