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Zachary D. Burns 
(513) 533.6452

Sports Turf Systems

For nearly 40 years, The Motz Group has been committed to leaving a lasting legacy with every field they create. They are synthetic and natural turf specialists, focusing on sports field design, construction, removal, replacement, maintenance and management.

The Motz Group has made their name designing innovative and comprehensive performance-based sports field systems, tailored to their customer’s specific needs. They build fields from inception to completion with pride, dignity, and the utmost integrity. With quality craftsmanship and proven safety in mind, they are committed to partnering with their customers from ground break to replacement, guiding them every step of the way.

Natural Turf Systems

Synthetic Turf Systems

The Motz Group

The Motz Group is an AEPA-awarded vendor, therefore we can quickly expedite an order for a member because all purchasing requirements are completed during the RFP process. All awarded contracts through these programs have been granted under a competitively bid process and have received a contract from the respective organization. As an awarded vendor, we have committed to provide the best pricing, terms and conditions available to participating members. With nearly 40 years of dedicated service to the industry, we stand by the products and solutions we provide to ensure long-lasting, prosperous relationships with our valued customer base. We take pride in continuing to build fields and build futures.

--Go this route and save on cost
--Avoid stress of standard bidding processes
--Fast-track the process and shorten your timeline
--Easily select the vendor you want, without all the hassle
--Be worry-free knowing you are working with a well-vetted vendor
--Rest assure your project terms and conditions have been thoroughly reviewed
--Be confident that you’re receiving the best price and quality for your synthetic turf field