CESA Purchasing - Non-AEPA Vendor Application Form

The information provided on the following form will provide a baseline from which CESA Purchasing can review and recommend new non-AEPA vendors. The criteria provide a solid foundation for discussion and review in an effort to be as fair and transparent in the review process. The form may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed in 30 days after date received.

All vendors must provide some discount for the product, shipping, and/or value-added benefit for the entire state of Wisconsin in order to become a CESA Purchasing vendor.

Please contact CESA Purchasing if you have any further questions.
Has your company served the educational market before?
Has your company served the national educational market before?
Has your company served the Wisconsin educational market before?
Were you recommended to apply to CESA Purchasing by a WI School District or educational entity?

About Us

CESA Purchasing is a cooperative that works with local and national vendors to provide contracts to K12 schools, technical colleges, universities and municipalities. By combining purchasing power, schools and organizations can obtain substantial volume discounts on technology, office supplies, school supplies, facilities, and more.

CESA Purchasing makes it easy for you to take advantage of discounts and deals already negotiated by CESA.

Contact Us for more information on how to partner with CESA Purchasing.

Contact:  Jane Wray:  (262.473.1470)