Wisconsin teachers use PALS to identify students at risk of developing reading diffic​ulties, diagnose students’ knowledge of literacy fundamentals, monitor progress, and plan instruction that targets students’ needs. Student data collected from PALS provides a direct means of matching literacy instruction to specific literacy needs.

Why Stay With PALS?

  • PALS is a research based screening, diagnostic, and progress monitoring tool.

  • Offers formative data that drives instruction - including phonological awareness and letter sounds

  • Is compatible with any instructional program

  • Allows screening, diagnosis, & progress monitoring - meeting the needs of varied student populations

  • Is instructionally transparent

  • Is grounded in 18 years of valid and reliable research by the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education

  • Has been used in WI for four years -- longitudinal data!

  • Offers accompanying post-assessment professional development

  • Includes Electronic Lesson Plans and Activity Database

  • Is cost-effective: materials … check! Training … check!