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Yondr works individually with schools and districts to assess the best implementation plan to create a phone-free learning environment. To learn more about pricing please contact Alex Simmons.


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Yondr provides the industry-leading solution for educators to create phone-free learning environments. Yondr's education program positively impacts major cellphone-related issues affecting students including:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Social skills development
  • Student-teacher dialogue
  • Focus and engagement in the classroom
  • Social media bullying and fights on campus
  • Cellphone-related disciplinary incidents

Yondr works directly with teachers and principals to conceptualize and implement custom phone-free learning environments. 

How It Works:

Yondr uses a patented system to create phone-free spaces. 

What Educators Are Saying:

"We have been collaborating with another alternative school that currently uses the Yondr pouch. We're eager to share our own success stories of increased class completion and more focused instruction time as a result of using Yondr."

- Raymond Moore, Principal, Transition High School, Milwaukee Public Schools

"We tried Yondr yesterday for the first time during final exams and it worked GREAT! Surprisingly, the students even thought it was pretty cool. I had no whining or complaining at all. They were able to keep possession of their phone during our final exams and I was able to maintain better security of my test during the exam period. My principal is already thinking of ways we may use Yondr next year on a more school-wide basis." 

- Scott Christy, Department Chair, East High School, Green Bay Public Schools

"Engagement is up, the worry about phone usage during final exams was eliminated, and Yondr has very quickly become part of the daily routine at school." 

- John Anzalone, Principal, Sierra Vista High School, Las Vegas, NV

"Our school culture has transformed tremendously regarding cellphones. There is increased focus on instruction and collaboration rather than engaging in social media usage. The number of incidents related to cellphone usage during the school day has dramatically deceased." 

- Namrata Patel, Dean of Students, Broome Street Academy, New York, NY

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How to Connect:

Please contact Alex Simmons at 651.815.1251 or alex@overyondr.com. 

Contract Information:

Contact Jane Wray at jane.wray@cesapurchasing.org.