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Achieving the 4 Levels of Protection

Deterrence: Don’t be a target. When a perpetrator is aware of your protection and reaction time they will think twice about making your organization a target. When a perpetrator is aware there is a discreet system that is vigilant, they will stay away.

Early Warning: Active Human Surveillance in your organization allows any individual to report an incident, immediately. This early warning provides the reaction time for all to become first responders. The YOU Entry System (YES) is made up of early warning and crisis communication for detection and verification. This is real-time communication. Critical communication for the right actions.

Fortification: From Active Human Surveillance to the YOU Entry System, at each point access control and lockdown can be executed so the perpetrator cannot enter.

Confrontation: The highly-trained SRO’s inside and outside of your facility are the key individuals to receive the notifications from Early Warning. They are the emergency communicators. It is their responsibility to secure the area. Organization involvement makes this difficult to defeat.


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