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About Us

Developed for teachers, technical teams, and counselors, Impero has been supplying the U.S. EdTech market with its flagship remote monitoring and management solution since 2002. Compatible with Chrome OS, Windows, iOS, and Mac OSX, our software is simple to install and easy to use.

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Classroom Management 

Designed in line with CIPA compliance, Impero Education Pro's classroom control tools empower teachers to use technology in the classroom with confidence. Simple, one-click tools enable teacher to facilitate technology-based teaching and learning, via one-click tools, while enabling compliance with CIPA standards through real-time monitoring. 

Key features:

- Multi-device monitoring
- Screen broadcasting
- Enforce acceptable use policies 
- Access management
- Assessment tools
- Messaging & live chat
- Teaching tools
- Remote control & support
- Classroom cloud

Network management

A comprehensive suite of network admin tools help streamline networks, improve efficiency, and save time. Impero Education Pro enables technical teams to remotely track, monitor, and manage resources across the entire school network via a centralized console.

Key features:

- Computer usage monitoring
- Remote control & support
- License management
- Desktop utilization 
- Inventory management
- Print management
- Power management
- Enterprise console

Online Safety

Impero Education Pro's online safety feature is focused on fostering a culture of good digital citizenship in schools. Real-time monitoring, incident captures, and a log of all student activity helps schools and districts to identify potentially harmful or inappropriate behavior and content. Screenshot and video recordings of captures also provide contextual insight; this empowers educators to provide counter narratives, intervene where necessary (and before and incident escalates) and offer the relevant support. Schools can also use insight, such as identifying localized trends and issues, to educate students about being good digital citizens. 

Key features:

- Keyword detection
- Keyword detection libraries
- Real-time monitoring
- Anonymous student reporting
- Activity logs & incident handling
- Enforce acceptable use policies
- Track & disable USBs
- Access management
- Advanced analytics & reporting

Our digital citizenship and safeguarding partnerships