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Cameron Shapiro
Contract Manager

15% to 80% CESA Purchasing Discount

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After your account manager has activated your CESA Purchasing account, please login to to see your CESA Purchasing pricing. You must login to your CESA Purchasing account to see your CESA Purchasing pricing. is also a retail website open to the public; and if you visit the website without logging in to your CESA Purchasing account, you will not see your CESA Purchasing pricing. There is no minimum order requirement and delivery is FREE!

The Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA) is a nationwide group of non-profit educational organizations working together to save school districts time and money. Currently AEPA has 26 member states representing schools serving more than 25 million students and awards purchasing contracts separately in each member state in accordance with local bidding laws.


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Partnering with AEPA and CESA Purchasing to save you up to 80% on key Office Supplies for your school!

20% discount on classroom and art supplies*
20% discount on office products*
10% discount on furniture*
5% discount on technology*
16% discount on ink & toner*
25% discount on cleaning and janitorial products*
Always a great price on copy paper
Special line item pricing on more than 450 items! 
Fast, FREE delivery on all orders, including furniture and technology.
No minimum order size!